Fly In Love

Let me make you fly in love

Till the moon and the planets above

Perhaps we are afraid of falling in love because of the fall

Because we don’t want to loose control

And spiral down into an unknown place

But I promise you that if you fall into the space

Which is my sky of love, you will not stumble into darkness

Instead, you will fly in love and greatness

Anyone can fall in love

But it takes a rare bond to stand in love

I just want to dive into all you are, astounded

And yet when looking into your eyes feel grounded

We both are stars, very shiny

When we collide a new world is born, magically

We are able to sparkle on our own

But together we radiate till night from dawn

When we are in each other galaxy

We can glow for the eternity

I don’t need you to survive, but without you I wouldn’t really be living at all

You are my northern star and together we will never fall

The kiss of your lips, your hands on my hands, our legs intertwined

You add light to my life and illuminate my world and mind

The deeper we dive in each other

The higher we will fly forever

You will never know if you never try

Please baby … let me make you fly


© Copyright One Life & You