Ocean Lover

I grew-up on an island and I am in love with the ocean … The stunning sight of the Indian Ocean in Mauritius during my year end 2017 break got me inspired to write this little nugget from my heart! Happy discovery!

I feel connection, energy

I can stand on the sand, perceiving infinity

I sit there for hours and more

Watching the waves roll in, so Zen

Delicately kissing the beach and the coral reef offshore

Before running away again

Waves show perseverance

They are pushed back with vigor

But always return with elegance

And continue to ask for more

Watching the ocean stir with many hues

Churning and tossing with indecisions

Like a million different emotions

A mysterious liquid with beautiful shades of blues

Anticipation and power in how the swell flows

Kindness and empathy in the calm shallows

Anger and rage in how crashing waves behave

Incredibly strong and brave

Inhaling the warm sea breeze

The salty scent tickling my nose is such a tease

Rushing over my feet is the cool water

Sending through my core a refreshing shiver

The wind is caressing my face softly

The sun blanketing my body

On the shoreline I spot a white silk glow

Am hypnotized

In the echo of the waves, I am in my flow

Am mesmerized

They whisper music to my ears

That nature’s lullaby dissolves all my fears

I feel alive

I can survive anything and thrive

By the ocean I imagine I can fly

And believe I will never die

This is a place where I escape to for meditation

The mighty sea manages to hold me with fascination and addiction

I release my inner storms to the blue waves, to set me free

To be washed and cleansed and become memory

New secret ideas flourish in my spirit suddenly

I have clarity and know where I want to be

Just like the rhythm of the moon

To the beat of my own tune

I want to move the heart of the oceans

Make waves in the world with pretty motions

Creating new notions and sensations

Just by being me dancing with emotions

© Copyright One Life & You

France, the island where I grew-up

Thailand, Phuket

Brazil, Praia do Carneiros

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Portugal, Cascais

Italy, Sicily

South Africa, Capte Town

California, Los Angeles

Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean