The girl behind One Life & You

Hi there!

 I’m Charlotte – the girl behind One Life & You.

 I wanted to share a little more about who I am, and my story, to give you the context of my inspiration.

Island girl at heart… but citizen of the world!

I was born in Paris but grew up on a beautiful small island in the south-west of France. I can only guess this explains my love for the ocean, and nature in general!

I’m an HEC Business School graduate and have worked for some of the world’s largest companies in marketing, strategy, business development and finance, with 13 years’ experience taking me to all corners of the globe including North and South America, Asia and Europe.

I love travelling, which has undoubtedly helped me become fluent in 4 languages.

My Philosophy

Every day is precious, a gift to live our one life to its fullest. To be our best, unique self, to make as much of a difference to the world as we can.

Two Mantras I Live By

Carpe Diem – Life is for Living!

Since my life-changing near-death experience surviving the 2004 tsunami, I’ve become convinced that “the knowledge we all eventually die must inform the way we live.”

We can’t choose whether or not we are going to die, but we can choose how we live!

Our life, our limited time on earth, is a non-renewable resource: we have 86,400 seconds in every day… or just 8,760 hours each year.

We must spend our precious time where we find the highest leverage and most enjoyment, where we can cultivate our potential to flourish in all aspects of our life – finding happiness, achievement and hopefully exceeding our wildest dreams!

“When You Believe, You Can.”

The mantra I grew up with, and one my father repeats over and over: “When you believe, you can”.

I am a firm believer that there is nothing you cannot do as long as you harness the power within and adopt a positive mindset.

One life-changing experience, igniting the purpose behind One Life & You

“The knowledge we all eventually die must inform the way we live.” 

I was blessed to survive the tsunami in Phuket, Thailand in December 2004.

I was on the beach when the wave hit, enjoying the apparent peace of the tropics with my two sisters. And to this day, I have no idea where our strength or timeliness to escape the beach came from.

Why us? Why did we manage to escape alive? Why were we able to find our parents straight away where others did not experience the same fortune?

… I still have no idea.

But I learnt that we never know what tomorrow is made of. Our world and personal life can be flipped upside-down in a single moment, without warning. I discovered we must enjoy every one of the 86,400 seconds we have at our disposal each day.

I realised there are three vital questions, which will ultimately matter most when we reach the end of our time on earth:

  1. Did I make the most of the precious life gifted to me?
  2. Did I love wholeheartedly?
  3. Did I use my unique self, and follow my real purpose, to make a genuine difference?

Every day since December 2004, I have tried to live each instant as if it was my last with a focus on these questions.

I understand that I have been offered a second chance. I’ve developed a soul-driven intention to live life to its fullest, to make a difference in the world and to the life of others.

And this feeling of empowering people not only to survive but to live – to thrive – has been multiplied a thousand-fold in the last few years, during which time several close friends who epitomised the healthy lifestyle, have suffered from life-threatening diseases nobody saw coming.

Life is short. Or rather, perhaps it’s better to say: A long life is far from guaranteed.

Today is the most important day of our lives.

Driven by Self-development and Positive Psychology

I am far from perfect. I am a constant student of life and, just like most of us, I have tough days, disappointments, and eternal struggles.

But I’m passionate about growing, learning, and making things better.

I know the path to mastery is forged through personal challenge. That hard things ultimately strengthen us and change our lives for the better. They make the difference between existing and living, knowing the path and actually walking it. Between a lifetime of empty promises versus one filled with progress and fulfilment.

Challenge ultimately lays the foundations for success.

So, I’m eternally curious about our world with an insatiable thirst to experience every modality of life to its fullest, deepening my understanding – and hopefully helping deepen yours – of all life’s greatest mysteries.

I have always loved human behaviour and development. My tsunami experience and subsequent heightened awareness of the key questions of life have only accelerated this passion for personal growth, propelling me forward to expand my knowledge.

For the past two decades – beyond meeting with and learning from experts (including my own life/business, and fitness coaches) and high-achievers – I have been devouring countless resources across fitness and wellness, leadership and self-development, positive psychology and philosophy, and spirituality and mindfulness.

I have been my own guinea pig in actively seeking to develop myself in all areas of life, pushing my physical and intellectual boundaries as far as possible.

As my passion for sharing my results with those closest to me grew, I quickly realised that the life transformation, happiness and success of others were much more fulfilling and motivating than those of my own.

I recognised I could have a genuinely positive impact on many people’s lives.


My mission is to help you be your best self: successful, happy, inspired to achieve your ideal life – whatever that may entail – lived to its fullest each-and-every day.

Writer and Storyteller

Beyond One Life & You, I write books, poems and lyrics about the human experience.

I believe Words have intrinsic power; Stories possess magic; Poetry is a necessity to our being. I hope you find time to let the words sink in, gaining inspiration to create the life you desire and deserve, unlocking the fullness of your existence!

Holistic Wellness Advocate … Living the Speak

I train – mainly weight lifting – every day. Exercise is my sanctuary. My secret elixir.

It never fails to ground me, to soothe me, to relax and re-energise, at the same time. I truly believe physical fitness leads to mental fitness, the body benefits from movement in the same way the mind benefits from stillness.

I consider my workout as my time to disconnect from the fast pace of the world, to reflect and meditate.

This physical release doesn’t just make me feel better physically, it puts my mind at ease, refuelling my positive energy, boosting my focus, optimising my productivity and unleashing my creativity. It enables me to face whatever the day might bring in the other spheres of my life.

Whenever possible, I practice outdoor sports, especially horse-riding and ocean-based activities. Although, admittedly, I struggle to find the time when I’m in London 😉

But my primary calling? It’s One Life & You. I’m here to help you be your best self: to move mountains, make waves, and radiate happiness.

We share in one world, let’s share the journey of personal growth as well!

Much Love, Life and Light,