Top 3 favourite perfumes for women – Paradise in a Bottle

Here are my 3 favorite perfume brands.
I love single scents, and florals beyond anything else.

I am often asked about what perfume I wear and love alternating between these depending on what I do, the weather and what my heart and spirit feel like on that day.


Pacifica is a beauty brand which is 100% vegan and natural.
The Pacifica perfumes are little gems discoveries as they are very good value for money. They are priced at GBP 19 for a 29 ml bottle, and excellent quality.
I am very often asked about them when I wear them, and been recommending these many times! They exist in many scents, but here are my 4 picks These joyful blends all capture a blissful time and place and evoke souvenirs of seasons or holidays to me.

French Lilac – Photo credit: Pacifica Beauty website
Island Vanilla – Photo credit: Pacifica Beauty website
Tahitian Gardenia – Photo credit: Pacifica Beauty website
Mediterranean fig – Photo credit: Pacifica Beauty website

You can also enjoy discovering the other products by Pacifica. Their matching body butters and hand creams in particular are lovely, as well as their Soy Candles perfectly fragrant and infused with essential oils.


My very favorite perfume brand forever and ever. Serge Lutens was born during the war in 1942 in Lille, in northern France. This creative spirit is also a photographer, filmmaker, hair stylist, and fashion designer.
The price of Serge Lutens perfume is GBP 75 for 50 ml bottles.
My ultimate love is the Orange Blossom from Serge Lutens, incredible heavenly smell and staying power.

“Fleur D’Oranger” – Orange Blossom – Photo credit: Serge Lutens website

‘It’s within us. A single whiff of this fragrance, drawn from the highly scented blossom of the bitter orange tree, augmented by a hint of civet, resonates within us.” Serge Lutens

“Un Bois Vanille” – Vanilla – Photo credit: Serge Lutens website

To paraphrase Freud, it’s not the evil who are full of regrets, but the good. Both the devil and vanilla like black. No sentimentality here! Within each of us, this mellowness grows stronger and more refined thanks to contrasting wood notes.” Serge Lutens


Chantecaille is not just a brand; it is a legacy. Born from one generation to be passed on to the next. Their mission is to set a standard in the world of cosmetics while spreading awareness on global issues. Known for their uniquely high concentration of natural botanicals, nature is preserved as an integral part of all Chantecaille products.

This legacy is built from the collaboration of an entire family.

My 2 favorite fragrances from Chantecaille are Frangipane and Tiare. These are on the expansive side (GBP 158 per 75 ml bottle) but pure treat if you want to indulge.


Photo credit: Chantecaille website

Frangipane, native to Peru and the West Indies, was discovered by the botanist Frangipani when he landed on Antigua with the expedition of Columbus. Known by various civilizations as “the eternal perfume”, the sweet, calming fragrance is exuded by waxy yellow or pink blossoms.


Photo credit: Chantecaille website

Distinctively fragrant and devoid of all toxicity, tiare flowers are known as both the “flower of love” and the “flower of beauty.” This loving, energizing scent evokes the tropics in all its soothing bliss: calm seas, balmy breezes, lush foliage.