Top 5 Books to Improve Your Business and Personal Life

Top 5 Books to Improve Your Business and Personal Life

One of my favorite ways to unwind after a busy day is to light some candles or incense, put some relaxing classical or meditation music on, and read peacefully. I try and turn off all technology and dive into a book 30 minutes before bed to decompress and have a little me time. I personally like real paper books to give my brain a break from mobile devices and fall asleep faster. But I also every now and then enjoy audiobooks to save time and my precious eyes, including when walking outdoors or doing my weekly meals prep.

I consider myself an eternal student of life, and therefore I am an avid consumer of books which are full of life lessons, whether fitness, wellness and nutrition, self-development, philosophy, psychology, biography or others.

Reading challenges your mindset, inspire you, empowers you to keep growing and to be your best self. It is one of the secrets to success, fulfillment and inner serenity.

If you have any recommendations for me, find me here and let me know. I’m always looking for the next groundbreaker or timeless inspiration!

Happy reading everyone!!

These 5 “self-improvement” books are full of great tips to improve your business and personal life.

  1. TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking, by Chris Anderson

Talk like TED
Talk like TED

Do you have what it takes to share an idea worth spreading?

Chris Anderson, head of TED and TED Curator, reveals the inside secrets of how to give a first-class presentation. This is THE guide to public speaking from the man who put TED talks in the world’s spotlight!!

Who else could be best placed to describe the art and science of public speaking?

This book is a gold mine for anyone. It’s about communicating with power, grace and style, in personal or business contexts. It is about being purposeful when you speak, about thinking more about the audience than yourself, and how to create a charismatic message through storytelling.

If you speak as part of your job or business, read this book. If you will never get in front of an audience to speak, still read it. It will help make you a better communicator in any sphere of your life!!

Key Takeaway: Public speaking, when done well can change the world.

  1. Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges, by Amy Cuddy

Presence by Amy Cuddy
Presence by Amy Cuddy

I had seen the TED talk delivered by Amy Cuddy and became intrigued. Harvard professor Amy Cuddy has electrified tens of millions of viewers around the world with her TED talk about “power poses.” 

Brilliantly researched but equally accessible, this book is filled with stories of individuals who learned how to flourish during the stressful moments that once terrified them.

We all know that good body language can help us interact with others. But did you know that good body language can help altering your behavior and mindset in your daily life?

Tricking your brain and setting a mental voice? Yes. Body language first, Mindset and feelings second. Not the other way around. Wow.

Key Takeaway:

The mind-body connection theory is fascinating. So if we put our body in a power pose, it will change our mood, how people perceive us, and release positive hormones in our body?

I’m in! Superwoman pose here I am!


  1. The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph, by Ryan Holiday

The obstacle is the way
The obstacle is the way

This book draws its inspiration from stoicism, the ancient Greek philosophy of enduring pain or adversity with perseverance and resilience. Stoics focus on the things they can control, let go of everything else, and turn every new obstacle into an opportunity to get better, stronger, and tougher. As Marcus Aurelius put it nearly 2000 years ago: “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

I loved reading and still enjoy re-discovering this book regularly. It highlights how some of the most successful people in history (from Rockefeller to Steve Jobs) have applied stoicism to overcome difficult or seemingly impossible situations.

The way we apply this philosophy of life ultimately matters more than natural intelligence, talents, or luck.

Key Takeaway:

This is a little treasure, which will help you turn your problems into your biggest assets. Not to mention that it will inspire you with many true inspirational stories from every age and era!

  1. Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success, by Adam Grant

Give and Take
Give and Take

This book presents the fascinating secrets to givers’ success.

There are people who give, people who take, people who match, and people who fake.

Our world is filled with these givers, takers, matchers and fakers.

Key Takeaway:

The real power lies in becoming a giver. Those who succeed (not only personally but for their clients and companies) don’t take or match. They give, although they’re not necessarily philanthropic. The book is full of stories of successful givers and tips on how to become a successful giver. It beautifully illustrates a huge belief and core value of mines: look to sort out other people’s problems, to help them or add value to them even when there is nothing in return for you, and it will pay off (sometimes serendipitously).

Here is a great quote from the book: “This is what I find most magnetic about successful givers: they get to the top without cutting others down, finding ways of expanding the pie that benefit themselves and the people around them. Whereas success is zero-sum in a group of takers, in groups of givers, it may be true that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

  1. The Charisma Myth, by Olivia Fox Cabane

The charisma myth
The charisma myth

Have you ever wished you were more charismatic?

Charisma can be a great advantage whether you’re applying for a job, improving your relationships, or leading other people.

Many people believe that charisma is a fundamental quality – you either have it or you don’t. But that’s simply not true. This ground-breaking, bestselling book reveals how charismatic behaviour can be learned by anyone.

Backed by science, the author breaks down the basic elements that make someone charismatic. She then explains how you can become more charismatic yourself. Becoming more charismatic doesn’t mean transforming your personality.

This book is filled with practical daily little things you can add to your interactions with those around you to communicate your love, admiration, and respect more powerfully.

Key Takeaway:

One of my favorite tips from the book: When making eye contact, relax the muscles around your eyes and think of someone you love. Use that face to listen … Magical.



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