How to use what sets you apart from everyone else to stand out


The state of mind emerges as the most important asset an individual possesses. If you ever catch yourself making excuses or procrastinating to work out, or to embrace any challenge in life, read and re-read these amazing inspiring true stories on overcoming any challenge in your path!

Picture Credit: Aimee Mullins Wikipedia page

Aimee Mullins was born without fibular bones, and this medical condition required that she had both of her legs amputated below the knee when she was an infant. She learned to walk on prosthetics, then to run and went on to achieving incredible athletic achievements.

At Georgetown, where she double-majored in history and diplomacy, she became the first double amputee to compete in NCAA Division 1 track and field. An American sprinter Olympic athlete, she was a record-breaker at the Paralympic Games in 1996, and has built a career as a fashion model, actress, ambassador for L’Oreal Paris and advocate for women, sports and the next generation of prosthetics.

She’s a passionate advocate for a new kind of thinking about prosthetics, and recently mentioned that she’s been looking closely at MIT’s in-development powered robotic ankle.

Her TED conference talks are amongst the most-viewed of all time and have been translated into 42 languages. She is credited as being one of the speakers that inspired Chris Anderson to purchase the TED conference from Richard Saul Wurman. She was named a TED “All-Star” in 2014.


Here are some of her amazing talks:

Changing my legs, and my mindset

In this TED archive video from 1998, Aimee Mullins talks with lot of humour about her record-setting career as a runner, and about the amazing carbon-fiber prosthetic legs (then a prototype) that helped her cross the finish line.


The opportunity of adversity

The thesaurus might equate “disabled” with synonyms like “useless” and “mutilated,” but in this talk Aimee Mullins is out to redefine the word. Defying these associations, she shows how adversity actually opens the door for human potential.


My 12 pairs of legs

Here, Amy talks about her prosthetic legs (she’s got a dozen amazing pairs!) and the superpowers they grant her: speed, beauty, an extra 6 inches of height … Quite simply, she redefines what the body can be. She compares prosthetic legs to eyeglasses, and in the same way that we wear designer eyeglasses she has designer legs (she is wearing her 4-inch heel legs for the talk).


Because I Am Worth It: Amy’s view on L’Oreal Paris tag line as she became an ambassador for the brand

I am in awe of her breathtaking beauty, willpower and spirit… Here are some of my favorite quotes from her Ted talk or interviews.

  • “My life is about having the will to prove what my body can do.”
  • ‘”Women should realize that what makes them beautiful is what sets them apart from everyone else.”
  • “Part of me would have loved to have felt sand between my toes … But am I disabled because I haven’t? I don’t think so. Sometimes when I go to the beach with friends, and we are walking barefoot over pebbles and they are “oohing” and “ouching”, I think, “I’m really happy right now.” Life is about making your own happiness – and living by your own rules.” “Adversity is just change that we haven’t accepted ourselves to yet.”


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