Your Smile

I see you smile from across the room

And my heart goes boom

I don’t know yet your name

But in my heart there is a burning flame

And I feel you like me just the same

It’s unexplainable and I am totally amazed

Without a single word exhaled

Two souls understanding each other fully

You take my breath away with your look only

From across the room your eyes are smiling

And that just hit me like lightning

Such a powerful energy

A magic chemistry in the whole of me

For us to meet it took quite some time

But now I know you are the one with whom I rhyme

That must be love, my heart tells me so

I feel it instantly from my head to toe

One exchange of smile

Feels like a burst of electricity

That fills my entire body

And makes the long wait so worthwhile

I had kept a special place in my heart just for you

And you saw it shining through

Without a word spoken

You managed to get the doors into my heart to open

Our eyes just met however

Our spirits have been together forever

Your smile fills me with a sense of wonder

I melt and discover that I was made for no other

You just danced into my heart

But baby this is only the start

There is something in your eyes

That kind of feeling you can’t disguise

I can see your true colors

Like a rainbow full of wonders

You have set my heart on fire

And I am filled with desire

From across the room

You smile at me that way

And I am blown away

I know that together we were meant to bloom

I look at you and I know that with you I cant go wrong

My heart tells me that this is where I belong

I want to make all your dreams come true

And go till the end of the world for you

I know that you too care

I feel it in the way you stare

We are fused under one halo

Together we are ready to glow


© Copyright One Life & You